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From 2010 to 2015 and beyond Paul Dicocco (later appearing as GianPaolo DiCocco) made many posts at and elsewhere under the user name PD187540. His posts contained abundant matching information about him, including his birth data. On the astrology board he frequently asks for astrological advice and opinions, having gotten interested in astrology, and tells the board a lot about himself. Some of them he signs "Paul." He also refers to astrologer Julian Lee recommending a San Francisco move to him, and reports about that and other moves.

Life in the DiCocco household back in New York.
"I really wanted to murder them both on the spot"
" brother makes a very underhanded comment to me at the kitchen table...
I got so angry at him that I almost slit his throat with a knife,
 but before I could do that, he jumped me and tackled me to the ground
and kept me in a tight headlock. My mom just stood there
watching everything while holding the dog back, like she sadistically enjoyed it...
I have never felt such extreme hatred for my own flesh and blood.
I really wanted to murder them both on the spot,
and I think those transits above are perfect atmospheric indicators for it."
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, February 2010

DiCocco has now deleted a great many of his posts, likely because they told too much and cast him in a negative light. (Something he is always keen to do to others now, misusing astrology for that purpose.) However, a number of his posts were copy-caught by others responding to him, embedded in their posts where he could not delete them. In the post below he uploaded his natal chart, with his name included in the file name:

DiCocco asking for astrology board for advice about a "potential soul mate" in 2010.
All technical factors given match DiCocco's natal data, such as his birthday of Sept. 24 etc.

Below: GianPaolo DiCocco as Ziggy Stardust at the dating site in 2008.
The "conservative" Trump booster's habit of wearing lipstick, evident in his Youtube videos now, started years before.

DiCocco states that he disdains humanity.

"I feel the exact same way as you do.
I have such a disdain for humanity..."

GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, October 2010

DiCocco speaks of "all the seething rage and anger" he harbors within him
because of his job and education failures. Refers to Julian Lee's attempt to help him.

DiCocco states that he has murderous tendencies, blames it on his location in New York.

"I'm beginning to develop really murderous tendencies and thought patterns the longer I'm staying in this location. It's increasing even more so these days, to the point where I'm turning very nasty towards my mother. Years of hidden hatred are about to be unleashed...San Francisco was where I was strongly suggested to move...I hope to find work there and move within the next few months the LATEST. If not, lives will be in grave danger with each waking hour I remain in NY. I guarantee that."
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, June 8, 2013

DiCocco believes he was a murderer in a past life.
Felt he could release "all my pent-up murderous energies" by cutting up bodies in autopsies.

"I've also had feelings that I was an
imprisoned murderer in a past life...
use my chart as a reference...
I have had thoughts of actually killing someone...
I still have very murderous tendencies and thoughts."
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, May 24, 2014

 DiCocco asking the astrology chat site about which astrological transits "give a tendency to consider murder."
   This screenshot was captured after DiCocco, likely intending to be menacing, listed his hometown as "Missoula, Montana" -- where Julian Lee lives.
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, Feb 2010

 Now in San Francisco on the recommendation of Julian Lee, DiCocco says "I am going to take a human life" if he doesn't get a job.

  "If I do not get a job by October 1st, I am going to take a human life...
Things like this cannot just keep happening
without someone or a mass group of people paying the price.
Seriously. The San Francisco Bay Area better provide me with a job
by October 1st, or I will seriously consider murdering people.
It's either murder a bunch of worthless human beings,
 or move back to NY and just stay at home
without working for the rest of my life."

GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, May 24, 2014


A year after moving to San Francisco DiCocco states that he was arrested for making criminal threats.

"I got arrested last week for making "criminal threats"
via text message, and I have a court hearing to go to
here in San Francisco on Tuesday."

GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, August 17, 2014

Below DiCocco states that Julian Lee, the astrologer who recommended California to him, should have to pay his bail money and his tuition.

Prior to San Francisco, Back in New York, DiCocco had wanted to "bomb this entire state off the map."

DiCocco states that he has a "very paranoid" mind, counsels how to be anonymous on the internet to keep out of trouble.
   "It's true that I have a very paranoid type of should create a totally new e-mail address and use that solely for medical school purposes. Start off anonymous...don't give them any information that can lead to an internet background search."
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, December, 2010

DiCocco says being a psychopath is good (bestows benefits in life).
   "I strongly believe that controlled and/or hidden psychopathy bestows upon an individual great benefits that allow him/herself to better deal with society and human nature in general. I'm pretty certain that's an absolute truth."
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, Feb 2010

DiCocco considers his natal chart to indicate the "supreme psychopath."

   "I am very proud to say I do have plenty of psychopathic tendencies....and people love me for it! That beautiful triple conjunction of Pluto-Satur-MC in Scorpio (all opposing my Moon) is the supreme psychopath."
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, May 2012

After DiCocco asking astrological advice about his compatibility with a guy he's met, he tells his plans.

"...but I have a feeling I'm going to be a hermit as well,
because the pain of dating anyone is just too much for me to bear.
In fact, I'm actually considering hiring an escort
on the 15th of every month just to satisfy my masculine needs.
I feel that this would be the best thing for me to do.
1) I get exactly who I want when I want it, and
2) There's no emotional pain or cat-and-mouse games involved.
Also 3) they charge by the hour.
Now, the vast majority of previous dates that turned into hookups
lasted less than an hour,  so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth at least."

GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, Feb 2010

DiCocco leaving Los Angeles and heading back east after his first bad time there, contradicting his accounts about that time.

  In attacking astrologer Julian Lee, DiCocco has maintained that his first time in Los Angeles was good, thus Mr. Lee should have therefore recommended Los Angeles to him. He came back to the area a 2nd time when his mother bought a house in Pasadena and, enjoying the new career-building transits in California, became a famous astrological pundit. In stating that his first Southern California stay was good for him, DiCocco lied.
GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco, Feb 2010

GianPaolo DiCocco asking the chat board if if he should consider becoming an actor.
At this time in 2010 DiCocco was starting to study his natal chart.  Note that the moderator had to delete most of his post: "Deleted attacking comment -- Moderator."


"I am my own authority on practically everything, and I have had many MANY power struggles with authority figures throughout my life..."

The reference to 'change for the better soon" refers to his first planned move to Los Angeles, which turned out a fail for him (he returned east, cursing Los Angeles), and which he studied or vetted astrologically on his own prior to going (which included getting opinions from the board).

Paul DiCocco excited about suing institutions.
Their are numerous instances of GianPaolo DiCocco gloating about plans to sue people or institutions. This was included to round out the page and is strange in that the thought of suing, and finding the right lawyer for doing it, gave him great happiness.

GianPaolo DiCocco just beginning to study astrology seriously in 2012.
In this year DiCocco asked numerous questions of the AstrologyWeekly board, usually about his own natal chart, soliciting their opinions about various factors. It is clear from this post, and many others, that 2012 was the year he first got interested in astrology seriously. Four years later (2016) he was presenting himself as the Lord of All Astrologers and "voice of the cosmos" based on a prediction of a Donald Trump presidential win. DiCocco made this prediction very close to the election, obviously after watching polls a great deal. Other astrologers, Julian Lee included, predicted a Trump win many months before, yet made no big deal of it. DiCocco has tried to leverage that coin-toss win into an astrology marketing empire, and feels he must attack most other astrologers in order to get a few clients for himself. All accounts indicate DiCocco started doing paid readings only in 2016, yet is asking around $200 for them.

DiCocco Rubbish:
Here DiCocco, entertainer of violent thoughts, recently tried to make connections between the chart of Stephen Paddock (supposedly a recent mass murderer) and his locational  astrologer Julian Lee, an absurd abuse of astrology. Any shyster can propound such specious "arguments" all day long.
For example, both Paul DiCocco and Charles Manson have Mars-Sextile-Pluto.
But to say that this means DiCocco will turn out like Charles Manson would be abusing astrology.
DiCocco is happy to abuse astrology for the expression of malice and the creation of confusion.
(In Lee's chart, incidentally, there is no connection between his 8th House and his Moon. But DiCocco, recall, likes to pull shit out of his ass.)

GianPaolo DiCocco talks about his readings...

Is this, perhaps, the approach that a psychopath would take to doing astrological readings?

34 Facts About Astrology Marketer GianPaolo DiCocco

Coming Soon:

Paul DiCocco's happy and hopeful call from San Francisco after his first trip there, and...

...the sad original interview in which he tells of his troubled life and many failures, battles and disappointments back out in the east where he was when he came to me, living at his mother's. Please watch this space.